Dan Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu

Dan Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu

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Enjoy the beautiful contrast between soft mouthfeel and strong umami, at once feminine yet powerful, silky while warm...

Tasting Notes: Pear, Savoury, Zesty
ABV: 17-18%
Size: 720ml
Food Pairings: Go for something hearty!
Burger and Chips; Chicken Pot Pie; Chorizo Rice; Chicken Schnitzel
Best Serving Temperature: 15°C - 40°C
Grade: Junmai Ginjo
Rice: Bizen Omachi
Rice Polishing Ratio: 55%
Sweet or Dry: Mildly Sweet
Flavour Intensity: Medium ~ Pronounced
Brewery: Sasaichi
Region: Yamanashi Prefecture
Ingredients: Rice, Koji, Water
Storage: No Direct Light, Under 5°C

Product of Japan