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Welcome to Moto's stunning portfolio of Japanese craft beverages. From premium sake and shochu to gin and absinthe, all of our brews are made only in Japan and imported directly from the source. Not one of our products have reached the UK market as of yet (including some that have never been exported outside of Japan for that matter) so know you are getting first dibs on some amazing drinks.

Each purchase will include a tasting card with detailed information about the product, from recommended serving temperatures and food pairings to insider knowledge regarding the brewery. A cheers to that, or how we say cheers in Japan, kanpai!

What is Sake?

No Preservatives.
No Tannins.
No Sulfites.
Only Natural Ingredients.

Want to know a little more about Japan's national drink? Have a read of our quick Sake 101.

Sake 101

"Oh yea, I know about sake. It's rice wine, no?"

We get this a lot. And unfortunately, the answer! Learn more about the brewing process and you'll see just why.

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