Jokigen Karakuchi +12

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While being one of the driest sakes in the market, it is a perfectly balanced brew with the sweetness of pineapples, peaches and melons.

Tasting Notes: Bone Dry, Melon, Steamed Rice

ABV: 16-17%

Size: 720ml

Food Pairings: Caviar; Sushi; Delicatessen Meats; Crisps; Soy Sauce Stir Fries

Best Serving Temperature: 5°C - 35°C

Grade: Tokubetsu Junmai

Rice: Miyamanishiki

Rice Polishing Ratio: 55%

Sweet or Dry: Dry

Flavour Intensity: Light ~ Medium

Brewery: Sakata

Region: Yamagata Prefecture

Ingredients: Rice, Koji, Water

Storage: No Direct Light, Under 5°C

Product of Japan